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      • Welcome to the Cape Point Ostrich Farm

        The Farm is on lockdown untill 16 April or further notice


      The Cape Point Ostrich Farm lies on the most beautiful part of the Cape Peninsula. The farm is 50km from Cape Town, next to the Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve (Cape Point National Park). The drive to the farm is one of the great scenic routes of South Africa leading to the Cape of Good Hope, either via Simons Town or via Scarborough. The farm is easy to find on Cape Town’s route M65 south, 400meters north of the entrance to the Cape Of Good Hope Nature Reserve (Cape Point National Park).

      Guided tours

      You are most welcome to join us on a guided tour of the farm. Our well trained team will be more then happy to show you around and give you detailed information about the life cycle of an ostrich from egg to the adult bird. Being a productive breeding farm, everything is done to comfort and accommodate our 40 breeding birds. They live in 40 camps and ensure that there are always plenty of ostrich eggs to be incubated. During the breeding season, quite often you will be able to experience the hatching of our ostrich chicks.

      From the most dangerous to the most feared, The Cape Point Ostrich Farm and Reptile Rehabilitation Centre?is a sanctuary. Our goal is to?contribute?to saving species from extinction, as well as protecting the natural environment that they depend on. We provide a platform for species relocations in terms of a catch and release programme. Animals are removed from dangerous situations and are then released back into a protected environment where they belong. We are an excellent destination for anyone interested in learning and observing some of the most fascinating reptile species.?You will have the opportunity to learn many interesting facts about the animals, and have an opportunity to get up close and personal with some of our scaly friends! So please come and join us for a tour.

      Tour the farm
      Tour the camps
      Tour the incubation and chicks
      Corn Snake
      Rock Geko
      Rock Python


      Please join us for breakfast or lunch in our farm style restaurant.
      The Hatchery offers fresh food and beautiful settings. Enjoy your lunch overlooking the ostriches.

      For bookings and menu options please contact us directly.

      Leather Shop

      Explore our great selection of fine leather goods.

      People who love quality leather will appreciate our wide selection of exquisite ostrich leather products. Handbags, belts, wallets and shoes are just some of what we have to offer. See our exquisite selection of ostrich leather products, from skins to the most exclusive handbag. You will find a wide range of classical and fashionable styles in various colours.
      Brown Leather Bag
      Green Leather Bag
      L5 Leatherbag

      Egg Shop

      The myth says that ostrich eggs keep away spiders………

      We have a wide variety of ostrich eggs and pride ourselves in supporting our local artists. Ostrich eggs are a marvel to behold, the magic that is worked on some of our caved eggshells are beauty in itself. The eggs vary from plain, decoupage to intricately carved egg shells that can either be used as lamps, candle holders or wind lights.
      Engraved Eggs
      Painted Eggs
      Designer Eggs
      Osterich Eggs

      Opening Hours

      Mon-Sun 09:30am – 17:30pm
      Restaurant 09:30am – 16:30pm
      Closed on Thursdays

      Our Address

      Cape Point Ostrich Farm
      P.O. Box 867
      Sun Valley
      South Africa

      Contact us

      Tel: +27 (0) 21 7809294
      Fax: +27 (0) 865582080
      Email: cpof@iafrica.com

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